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How social media can help create a powerful branded customer experience

A talk by Vimal Rai
Founder & Managing Director, DLA Ignite

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"In Social We Trust - Sales, Marketing, HR & Customer Experience for 2020 and Beyond". Ebook (pdf) compilation of social media strategies for a new world.

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About this talk

In this talk, you will learn the following. 1. The Power and Ubiquity of Social Media. 2. The Building Blocks of Branded Customer Experience. 3. Why "Employee Influencers" are your secret weapon. 3. A strategy and 5-step guide to get started with Employee Influencers.

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Vimal Rai

At DLA Ignite, we are ready to ignite End to End Digital Transformation through Social Media, for your organisation. The modern consumer has changed - the internet and social media channels have fundamentally changed the way people evaluate brands and make buying decisions, long before your sales person is even contacted. In fact by the time your organization is aware of opportunity, consumers are already 51% through their purchasing path. Digital transformation creates opportunities for your brand and sales people to be a part of the journey earlier in the process. Our programmes have been created to use the power of social media to do five things: Exponentially increase your visibility; Simplify buyer decision-making; Increase sales pipeline; Deliver better speed to market; Improve organisational communication. Get in touch with me if you'd like to know more about how you can strategically leverage social media in your digital transformation journey. We have proven social selling, marketing and HR programs ready for deployment.

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